Rules on collaboration with tour guides

Professional incentive travel tour guides are an important part of ongoing incentive travel programmes and have a big impact on their quality and efficiency. Their knowledge, experience and quality of work may affect the perception of the quality of the entire incentive travel industry.

Recommended rules of collaborating with incentive travel tour guides

1. The collaboration between the tour guide and a given organiser is based on individual agreements which do not violate these rules of collaboration
2. If the recommended incentive travel tour guide runs his own tour operating business, he should inform of this fact the organiser with whom he is collaborating
3. The tour guide shall demonstrate impeccable manners
4. The tour guide shall be discrete
5. The tour guide shall be punctual and timely
6. The tour guide shall always honesty present the scope of his knowledge and professional experience
7. The tour guide shall take care of his health at work and shall always be adequately rested to conduct the tour.
8. The tour guide is entitled to fair compensation for their work, adequate to the level of their knowledge and the complexity of the project.
9. The tour guide is entitled to reimbursement of the costs necessary to complete the task entrusted to him.
10. The tour guide shall favourably represent the incentive travel organiser
11. The tour guide shall carefully and conscientiously prepare to conduct the event
12. The tour guide shall take care of the welfare and satisfaction of the tour participants
13. The tour guide shall carry out the programme in accordance with the itinerary and schedule provided to him by the organiser
14. The tour guide shall familiarise himself with, and respect the brand of the Client for whom he is conducting the tour, and shall avoid exposing and talking about brands of Client’s competitors.
15. The tour guide shall remain calm in difficult situations
16. The tour operator shall resolve conflict situations within the group, acting as a mediator, without becoming a party to the conflict.
17. The tour guide shall manage finances for the conducted tour in an honest manner
18. The tour guide shall remain in constant contact with the trip’s organiser
19. The tour guide shall be loyal to his client. He shall not share the knowledge obtained while collaborating with other incentive travel organisers.
20. The tour guide shall not utilise the knowledge gained during the course of the projects conducted to create his own „copyright” programmes.
21. During the course of the programme, the tour guide shall not give out his business cards, or collect business cards from customers/participants /local contractors /suppliers to use them for their own “copyright” programmes, or for projects conducted with another client.
22. During the course of the programme, the tour guide shall not conduct his own private business matters, and especially not the business of a competitor
23. The tour guide shall not comment on, or evaluate the programme being conducted, in the company of others
24. The tour guide may leave the project only in the case of crucial personal or health matters
25. In the case of resignation from participation in the trip the tour guide is required to ensure his substitute. The substitute tour guide must have knowledge, experience and competence at a level comparable to the competence of the tour guide leaving the project. The organiser has the right to approve or disapprove the proposed replacement
26. The tour guide shall build solely professional relationships with trip participants, specifically with the person in charge of decision-making at the client company organising the trip.
27. The tour guide shall not use the images from the trip, especially when they feature participants of the trip. Also, he shall not showcase the conducted trips on social media.
28. The tour guide shall not drink alcohol with the clients
29. In relations with the Clients, trip Participants, as well as other guides, the tour guide shall behave in a decent manner, and in accordance with the general principles of ethics
30. The tour guide shall be financially responsible for additional costs arising from his fault during the course of the project