Membership criteria

All SOIT members meet high membership criteria stipulated in the statute which makes them credible and reliable business partners. See our membership rules and find out how to join our group.

Who can become a member?

At SOIT we recognise two types of members:
regular members– natural persons;
supporting members– legal persons, or incentive travel agencies.

Who can become a regular member?

1) a natural person who is authorised to represent the business, or is part of the body authorised to represent the business, which is a supporting member

2) a supporting member may represent in the Association no more than two individuals who are regular members.

What are the membership criteria for incentive travel agencies?

A supporting member of the Association may be a company that meets the following criteria:
  • holds a certificate of registration for a minimum of three previous years in the register of tour operators or travel agents published in Poland,
  • submits written recommendations from four supporting members of the Association,
  • presents letters of reference from at least four customers,
  • holds at least three years’ experience in the organisation of incentive travel,
  • has organised on an average at least 15 incentive travel trips per year in the last three calendar years,
  • has an average annual income from incentive travel of no less than 3 million PLN in the last three years,
  • employs at least 3 persons responsible for the organisation of incentive travel,
  • holds an insurance policy or a bank guarantee related to the organisation of tourist events in the insurance or guarantee sum of no less than 500,000 PLN,
  • is not in arrears with payment of public debt,
  • no objections to the membership, with written justification, have been filed by any of the members.

Why is it sensible to become a SOIT member?

  • You exchange valuable experience and know-how among the best incentive travel agencies on the Polish market
  • You gain access to industry information, market research and expertise in the field of incentive travel
  • You build credibility and the image of your company, thanks to your presence among the market leaders and winners of industry competitions
  • You have an impact on the development of the incentive travel market since affiliated companies have a lot more strength and influence working together in terms of reaching customers and our suppliers around the world
  • You have access to special offers of SOIT Partners prepared exclusively for our members
  • You have access to meetings, trainings and educational events prepared specially for our members
  • You take part in our study tours organised exclusively for our members
  • You promote your company through the Association’s website and through other SOIT activities

If you meet the membership criteria and want to work with us professionally

and develop the market for incentive travel in Poland – contact us!

Interested membership candidates will receive from us application documents

and detailed rules for acceptance as a member of the Association.


Association Secretary

tel: 601 882 898