About us

SOIT brings together leaders on the incentive travel market.
Since 2009 we are working towards industry professionalisation and education, and set the highest standards for incentive travel organisation.

We bring leaders together

SOIT is an organisation uniting incentive travel industry professionals.
We have been operating on the Polish market since 2009. Currently,
SOIT incorporates 29 members representing 23 professional incentive travel agencies.
All agencies affiliated with SOIT meet the high membership criteria stipulated in the statute
which makes them credible and reliable business partners.

SOIT’s mission

Our goal is to promote incentive travel as a strong and effective business tool. Through the integration of the community and representing its interests we are building a good name and positive image of the industry.

We spread knowledge, raise competence, and set and promote high standards for incentive travel projects.

Our definition of incentive travel

Incentive travel is a travel organising service, offered by specialists, for corporate clients or organisations, designed to create, consolidate or strengthen the relationship between the client and the participants, or between the participants themselves, which comprise three categories of individuals associated with the client: employees, business partners or consumers. Incentive travel is a tool for direct marketing and human resources management. Every incentive travel trip has its own unique itinerary which leads to meeting business goals.