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Agnieszka Lewandowska


Agnieszka Lewandowska – Co-owner of INCENTIVE CARE (formerly AFRICA line). She graduated from the Geography Faculty of the Jagiellonian University and from postgraduate studies in Tourism Management. She participated in numerous trainings (eg. ‘Responsible Tourism project’ – Post- tourist; ROI Foundation – Event ROI Institute certification).

Together with the Incentive Care team, she has completed more than 400 incentive trips. Agnieszka Lewandowska received two MP Power Awards in the ‘Meeting planner – incentive agency’ category (in 2013 and 2014). Incentive Care also won MP Power awards in the ‘Integrated Incentive Marketing Campaign’ category (Netia Safari Live project, clients: Zgoda Projekt, Netia S.A.), ‘CSR in the event industry’ category (the Kilimanjaro Project, clients: Orange and Samsung), plus a double Golden Arrow – a prestigious industry distinction (for the Kilimanjaro and Namibia projects).

Agnieszka Lewandowska is the Communications & Marketing Vice President of SOIT, the Association of Incentive Travel Organizers. From 2014 onwards, she is a member of SITE. Agnes is passionate about Africa, inspired and charmed by the continent. She likes to spend her free time actively: she crossed the whole Central African Republic on a bike and loves mountains, trekking and climbing.

During 18 years of experience operating under the name of AFRICA line, clients have remembered our team as a group of communicative people who know how to provide care and safety to the guests. INCENTIVE CARE exist on market since 2013. We develop travel programmes thinking outside the box – because this is the way we are.
Our organisation has been created by people who have left their regular jobs to travel around the world, who have explored foreign cultures living in exotic countries and who have done volunteering work for NGOs.

In our team, you will find cuisine and cooking enthusiasts, fans of different sport disciplines – marathon runners, triathlon athletes and mountain climbers or specialists in African literature and aficionados of Japan pop-culture. Our private and professional interests are reflected in the programmes of travels we create, while the passions we share are “contagious”! INCENTIVE CARE organized over 400 incentive travels.
Our projects have been awarded with prestigious MP POWER AWARDS. A double title of the Meeting Planner – Incentive Agency 2013 and 2014. An Integrated Incentive Marketing Campaign – Netia Safari Live project (Clients: Zgoda Projekt, Netia S.A.) CRS in the event industry (the Kilimanjaro Project – Clients: Orange and Samsung) and a double Golden Arrow (a prestigious industry distinction for the “ Kilimanjaro Mission” and „ Namibia Project” incentive plan)
Date of foundation: 1998

Main specialization:
  1. Trips to Africa
  2. Adventure trips eg. Off road
  3. Strong specialization in: Japan, USA, Spain